Saturday, April 11, 2015

Floyd Sr: Pacquiao might take a knee and say “I don’t want no more” against Mayweather

By Chris Williams: While a lot of boxing fans are still unsure precisely how the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Manny Pacquiao fight will play out, Mayweather’s trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. sees Pacquiao as potentially quitting on his knees on May 2nd when the going gets tough for him.

Floyd Sr. thinks Pacquiao will go into the retreat mode when he takes some big shots, and then possibly take a knee to escape the punishment when it gets too bad.

Floyd Sr. has seen all of Pacquiao’s fights against Juan Manuel Marquez, and he feels that they were all close affairs with Pacquiao failing to distinguish himself as the better fighter. Floyd Sr. figures that if Pacquiao couldn’t prove that he was better than Marquez in their first fight, then he has no business thinking he can beat a guy that totally schooled Marquez in their fight in 2009. It was one of Mayweather’s easiest fights of his career, as he made Marquez look almost hopeless.

“Easy fight,” Floyd Sr. said via The Boxing Channel about the Pacquiao fight. “I’m just telling you what I feel, the way I feel and the way I see. I don’t see nothing that Pacquiao got, matter a fact, all the fights he fought with Marquez, all them, man, was close fights, Floyd beat that guy so easy, man. It’s crazy.”

It could very well be a very, very easy fight for Mayweather. He’s fighting Pacquiao because the Filipino star has a large fan base, and he’s done for the most part against the guys that his promoter Bob Arum has matched him against, with the exception of Marquez. Pacquiao did not do well against Marquez. But did very well against the fighter fighters that Arum matched him against like Brandon Rios, Joshua Clottey and Chris Algieri.

Mayweather is different case altogether, and we could see Pacquiao reduced to Marquez 2.0 by Mayweather. But the boxing fans want to see the fight, so this is why it’s happening. Floyd Sr. sees it as a fight that shouldn’t even be seen as a competitive fight, and he’s probably right, but Pacquiao is still a popular guy and that’s why the fight is being made.

It’s kind of like with Mayweather’s fight against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. It was a situation where Mayweather was fighting a very popular fighter who’d done a good job against certain type of fighters. Canelo never faced anyone like Mayweather, and when he got in the ring it was clear from the round one that he didn’t belong in there with Mayweather.

“I ain’t going to speak on what I think it’s going to be. I’m just going to say that some things that… more than likely he going to get hit with some real good things, and he might retreat. When I say retreat, he might take a knee and then say ‘Don’t want no more.’”

I don’t see Pacquiao quitting on his knees like Floyd Sr. is talking about, but I do see him possibly getting knocked out if he rushes Mayweather in the same predicable manner that he’s been doing against his opponent during his long 20-year pro career. If Pacquiao fights sloppy like he’s done during his career, Mayweather is going to time him and nail him with a perfectly timed right hand like Marquez did when he knocked him out cold in 2012.

We still don’t know if Pacquiao has fully recovered from that knockout as of yet. It might just take one good shot from Mayweather to put Pacquiao down for the count. That’s why it would be in Pacquiao’s best interest for him to be cautious for this fight and not taking any real big risks like he typically does.

Mayweather has been working on his punching power with the help of his strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza, and this new power could make Mayweather more dangerous than he normally is.

“I can see him [Pacquiao] running into so many things, man,” Floyd Sr. said. “I ain’t going to say where he going to hit Pacquiao at, but wherever he hit him, we’re planning on doing great bodily harm. Definitely some real damage.”

If Mayweather focuses on Pacquiao’s body, he could put him in the retreat mode or even possibly knock him out, because Pacquiao has been stopped with a body shot in the past when he was fighting in an aggressive manner. We also know that Antonio Margarito hurt Pacquiao with a body shot in their fight in 2010, causing Pacquiao to fight in a defensive manner after that.

If Pacquiao fights defensively against Mayweather, then he’s going to have much of any chance of winning because he doesn’t have the arm length to reach Mayweather from the outside. The only Pacquiao can land his shots from the outside is for him to lean forward at a dramatic angle to try and connect. When Pacquiao does that, he leaves himself vulnerable to getting nailed with shots.

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